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In every market there will be winners and losers. This is especially true for early-stage "experimental" industries such as wireless. Those companies brave enough to jump in early pave the way for lasting business models. I loved hearing about new dot-com business models - even if some didn't quite add up - just as I now follow innovative wireless capabilities. The very young wireless marketing space is already experiencing casualties. Indeed many, including myself, question whether this space can support itself in the long run. So many issues must be addressed and resolved, not the least of which is whether wireless campaigns can generate adequate revenue for everyone involved. The closure of two prominent SMS-based marketing firms sheds some doubt on this. In the past six months, two European firms, ZagMe and Airmedia, closed their doors due to "lack of funds." In... (more)

Can Wireless Ads Work in the B2B Space?

Throughout the year 2000, I actually enjoyed the stacks of e-business and other new media publications that showed up in my mailbox, even if some of them were 600-pages thick. Yes, they could be burdensome at times, but I always enjoyed (and still do, though not as often) stories about an innovative, dare I say "cool" sounding dot-com or wireless venture being undertaken by enterprising entrepreneurs. Of course, being a marketing person, I certainly enjoyed the advertising stories. But what I didn't enjoy quite as much (and still don't) were the B2B stories. They lack a certain ... (more)

Do Wireless Banner Ads Stand a Chance?

As you've probably heard all too often by now, banner ads are a bust. With average click-through rates below 1% across the Web, advertisers have been turning to other ways to reach out with their messages. I don't know about you, but I never remember banner ads or anything about the advertiser, even minutes after seeing them. I'm much more likely to pay attention on a site devoted to a specific interest of mine. Nevertheless, online ads are mostly a nuisance, especially the newer pop-ups. So the idea of putting banners on mobile phones sounds a bit crazy to say the least. Yet as... (more)

The Shape Of Ads To Come

Fred is strolling down Fifth Avenue when he suddenly hears several loud beeps from his cell phone. He quickly reaches for it, only to discover that it's Starbucks, offering 10% off lattes purchased within the next 30 minutes. Well, it just so happens he's right in front of Starbucks, and his meeting is still an hour off, so he decides to step in and take advantage of the offer. Is such a scenario so far-fetched? Absolutely not. Despite mounds of hype surrounding wireless marketing and the Holy Grail it promises advertisers, early tests show that it has definite possibilities. It ... (more)

Can Wireless Games Build Brands?

Wireless game playing is already a big business. Combined with company branding to a targeted audience, the potential for wireless ad campaigns skyrockets. PespsiCo has been one of the first international companies to get the ball rolling. I can remember, as a child, playing video games on the now-ancient Intellivision TV game system. I'm amazed at how far games have come since then, with most gamers today expecting near cinematic-quality effects and lots of action. The evolution of games to wireless was inevitable even though the quality isn't quite like a Spielberg epic. Wire... (more)